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Skoki Lodge is situated in a beautiful high alpine region in Banff National Park. The eleven kilometre trail from Lake Louise to the Skoki Valley makes Skoki Lodge an ideal destination for hikers and skiers of all levels. From Skoki Lodge one can access breathtaking mountain ridges and alpine lakes, or explore five different adjoining valleys.

During the summer months, the beautiful alpine flowers paint the landscape, while towering peaks against summer skies welcome you as you make your way to and around Skoki.

During winter, skiers of all abilities can find ski touring and telemarking slopes as well as a variety of cross country routes around the lodge.

5 Cozy Alpine Lodges With Excellent Dining
You have to ski-tour 11 km over two mountain passes to get to Skoki, a welcoming outpost that consists of a cozy log lodge and three cabins set amid a winter wonderland of snow-toqued peaks and rime-frosted evergreens in the backcountry...


And cross-country skiing can take you to amazing places
Take the trip to Skoki, for instance: It’s a valley, a mountain, a backcountry lodge, and an unforgettable experience. It’s the not-so-easy 7-mile ski in from Lake Louise, up over Deception Pass, and carrying what you need on your back. It’s the otherworldly...


A true getaway at Skoki Lodge
“No service,” they warn you throughout the various marketing materials. I smiled to myself, knowing quite the opposite at Skoki Lodge is true. What they mean is that there’s no cell or Wi-Fi service at this backcountry lodge...


Drop “Skoki” into a conversation around these parts, and you’ll be met with some predictable reactions, usually a reminiscent sigh or a sense of deep longing for this near mythical mountain experience...


Beauty in the Back Counrty
I look up at the ink black sky, switch off my headlamp and marvel at the myriad of a thousand, trillion stars. The sky as a uniting global fact, calls up a memory of standing on a remote sandy dune on Australia's Fraser Island - the same ink black sky with a different litter of stars...


Skoki Lodge Named a Top Winter Adventure in North America
My heart's pounding. My nose is running. Frankly, it takes everything I've got to get one skin-covered ski in front of the other as I climb up Deception Pass...


Skoki Lodge Named a Top Winter Adventure in North America
Skoki Lodge is one of the top-16 winter adventure ‘must-dos’ on the entire continent this season, has concluded.


Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Visit the Lake Louise Ski Area's Skoki Lodge
Charlie and Louise Locke, proprietors of the Lake Louise Ski Area and Skoki Lodge, were proud to host the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge this week.


Cross-Country Bliss in the Canadian Rockies
I was gliding along an alpine track surrounded by high trees and dwarfed by towering mountain ramparts. My dream of skiing in the Canadian Rockies had finally come true...

Skoki Lodge Blitzed by the Backcountry
Those in the know speak of Skoki Lodge in hushed, reverential tones. Serene, they say. So historic. Simply a jewel...

"Skoki Lodge Named as 'Best Place to Catch Cabin Fever' in the Winter 'Best of Skiing in Canada' issue of Ski Canada Magazine."

Date of Construction: 1930-1931
Additions: 1935-1936
Original Owner: Ski Club of the Canadian Rockies
Renovations: 2003-2004

Call Toll Free: 1-888-99-SKOKI (1-888-997-5654)
Call Local : 403-522-1347

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Latest Tripadvisor Review

"Amazing ski tour in the Canadian wilderness"

TripadvisorWe skied into Skoki Lodge in January and absolutely loved it. The ski tour to the hut is a lot of fun. It follows a good trail starting in the Lake Louise ski resort and takes you out into the remote back country where you get spectacular views of the beautiful scenery. During the tour you really get the feeling of being in the wilderness!

When we arrived at the lodge, there was already delicious cake and hot drinks waiting for us. And that was followed by even more fantastic food for dinner and breakfast.

Skoki Lodge provides comfortable accommodation without the amenities of modern technology but still there is plenty of entertainment. We had a great time playing Scrabble and reading in the guide books about ski touring and mountaineering in the area. Also we met great people there and had loads of interesting conversations.

So, all in all a fantastic experience and highly recommended! We would love to go back.

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Ptarmigan showing off the latest in summer couture
The lodge was the first facility built specifically to cater to ski-tourists on a commercial basis in Canada, and possibly North America. It was built by a group of Banff residents who formed the Ski Club of the Canadian Rockies to manage the operation. The first guests arrived for skiing in the spring of 1931. The main building was made of local logs with saddle-notched corners. A log one-storey kitchen was added in the summer of 1931. In l935-1936, Jim Boyce made a series of additions, including the upper floor and roof dormers and what is now the living room. He also added three or four log cabins for sleeping to increase the original capacity. Like the builders of several other backcountry lodges in the area, Boyce started out as a tour guide and outfitter. In l938 he went on to build a log lodge in Lake Louise, which later became the Post Hotel.

The main lodge maintains a small library with books on local history and flora and fauna. There are numerous historic photographs and ski equipment dating back to the early l930's. More information can be obtained through the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies located in Banff, Alberta.

Ptarmigan showing off the latest in summer couture Photos
Banff National Park is home to 53 species of mammals. This incredible diversity of native wildlife is a reflection of the wide range of habitats found in the park due to variations in elevation, climate, and plant communities. Bighorn sheep, black bear, hoary marmots and beaver are just a few of the species this region has to offer!

For more information on species native to the region go to:

Indigenous Plants & Wildflowers
The trail to Skoki is prime habitat to a wide variety of alpine wildflower and rare alpine plants indigenous to the region. Throughout the area, hikers can find patches of false azalea, buffalo berries, twinberries, white rhododendrons and red elder flourish. Rocky slopes are covered by stonecrop, white flowering mountain avens, moss campion, cinquefoil, arctic willows and several species of saxifrage. Alpine meadows are mosaics of vivid colours from western anemones, alpine arnica, columbine, Indian paintbrush, spring beauty, alpine fleabane, mountain daisies and hundreds of other species of wildflowers during the midsummer bloom.

Ptarmigan showing off the latest in summer couture
When you step inside the Lodge after an exhilarating hike or ski, you to become a part of its history. For many, the retreat back to Skoki is a reminder of how wonderful and calming the simple things in life can be. Our friendly lodge staff will welcome you the lodge and show you to your room or cabin. Afternoon tea service will be awaiting you in the dining room after you are settled. Homemade soup and a charcuterie board with an assortment of cheeses, housemade pickles and locally cured meats are served. We have a beautiful selection of Jolene’s Tea from Banff, Alberta and Banff Roasting Company’s Peyto’s Brew French press coffee to choose from. Skoki offers a tasty selection of Alberta and British Columbia craft beer and cider, an international wine list and select spirits.

After re-energizing, many of our guests find the late afternoon the perfect time to familiarize themselves with the Lodge. Enjoy a great book from our library that is stocked with a wonderful selection of books on the area; or find a game to play in the cupboard. If another hike or ski is what you desire, one of our staff would be delighted to share their ideas and knowledge of the area.

Dinner at Skoki Lodge is an event unto its own. Our incredible kitchen staff are highly skilled and truly enjoy bringing only the finest culinary delights to the table daily. Dinner service begins at 6:45pm staring with homemade bread and salad, which is followed by a beautifully plated meal. With your dessert enjoy a freshly brewed coffee or herbal tea.

In the morning let the smells of freshly brewed coffee, wood smoke, and breakfast entice you from your cozy down comforter. For all those early risers tea and coffee are available at 6:30am and breakfast service begins at 7:45am. After breakfast, staff will be available to chat about the different skiing and hiking trails in the Skoki Valley. Lunch is prepared by staff each morning, there is a selection of sandwiches made with fresh baked bread, cookies, trail mix, and fruit available for you to pack for your adventures on the trail.

Important Note: Skoki Lodge is home to a busy and active backcountry kitchen. While our kitchen staff strive to mitigate cross-contamination of all allergens we can not guarantee a 100% allergy free environment at all times. All meals served to all guests are prepared in the same kitchen.

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